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When Truth becomes a lie, and lies become truth: Truth for Lies Ministry.

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Chapter I: The Time of th
Chapter II: God's Truth,
Chapter III: Tactics and
Chapter IV: Strategy and
Chapter V: Response of Fo
Chapter VI: Education as
Chapter VII: Feminism, an
Chapter VIII: Gaian Ecolo
Chapter IX: The Unholy Tr
Politics and Culture--the
Science as Truth and Reli
Economics--The Mark of th
Chapter X: Summary and Co
 Below are hyperlinks to Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader 9 documents containing my unpublished book: When Truth becomes a lie, and lies become truth: God’s Truth, Satan’s lies--The Truth about Human History!
Or, you may click on each chapter's link to your left to read chapters separately as you have time and interest.
(I want to let you know that I had problems transfering these chapters from Word to my web pages in that the footnote annotations cause problems with line spacing. I am not able to correct them all. The chapters are all readable, thankfully. Praise God!)


Below is the Table of Contents of my unpublished book, as an overview before you click on a chapter of your choice to begin reading:

Chapter I: The Time of the Gentiles:

The Last Days; the time of the Church and the Holy Spirit, and of deceit and antichrists--the Church of born again believers is the Body and the Bride of Christ Jesus--all in preparation and anticipation of the Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 1 (21-133=112 pgs)

Truth versus Deception:

The battle over the eternal souls of men until New Jerusalem comes down from God from Heaven to earth; when born again believers of all the ages will dwell with God the Trinity for eternity; praise God: 134


Chapter II: God’s Truth, Satan’s lies:

God’s Truth is known to us through His word--the canonized Bible--written on our hearts and minds, Christ indwelling, His creation, and the Holy Spirit as our Helper; Satan’s opposed, parallel, substitute, dialectical lies rely on his deceit, leading to confusion, chaos, and perishing. He who has an ear, let him hear. 135 (135-178=43 pgs.)


Chapter III: Tactics and Methods of the Babylonians in Babylon:

Deceitful, insidious, pervasive, and efficacious--yet prophesied in biblical Scripture, the inspired, inerrant word of God the Trinity--and fore-ordained to be turned to good for those who accept God’s Holy Spirit’s call and love Jesus Christ, according to His plan of Salvation. 179 (179-257=78 pgs.)


Chapter IV: Strategy and Goals of the Babylonians in Babylon:

Antithetical to God’s purpose and will, yet conformed to God’s History, for there is no other. 259 (259-301=42 pgs.)


Chapter V: Response of Followers of Jesus the Christ:

Born again believers, followers of Jesus Christ, and America--though their spirits be willing, their flesh is weak; yet they are the fountain of the gospel, with the Holy Spirit in the Church, that hold back the coming of the Antichrist until Satan’s time has come. 302 (302-342=40 pgs.)

Babylonia writ large in the cultures of the world; even so Come Lord Jesus: 343/1


Chapter VI: Education as Preparation for Citizenship in Babylonia as Babylonians:

Babylonia’s attempt to produce reprobate minds of iniquity for eternity, while the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached to the ends of the earth unto Salvation; for whosoever will. 344/2 (344-444/102=100 pgs.)


Chapter VII: Feminism, and the Spirit of Jezebel:

For the deceiving of mankind and their souls unto damnation; but the spirit of Elijah, sent by God, overcomes. Let him who has ears, hear! 445/103 (445-534/192=89 pgs.)


Chapter VIII: Gaian Ecology and the Dominion of Satan:

For the eternal separation from God of all who follow--be not deceived why the earth moans and groans as a mother with birthing pains, for God’s word tells us of this Truth; instead, look up, for redemption of born again believers draweth nigh. 535/193 (535-573/231=38 pgs.)


Chapter IX:

The unholy trinity cometh; woe to the inhabitants of the earth whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from before the foundation of the world: 574/232 (574-616/274=42 pgs.)

Politics and Culture--the Antichrist Cometh:

Activist Babylonians democratize socialized man, until there is no peace, yet the peace of God surpasses all understanding; His Word is the Way, Truth and Life; peace on earth is cometh--the Kingdom of Christ, when Jesus Christ comes again, to rule and reign for 1000 years with the Saints, then for eternity in the Kingdom of God in the New Jerusalem. 575/233 (575-589/247=14 pgs.)

Science as truth and religion--the False Prophet Cometh:

While Salvation is to those who love Jesus Christ and are Born Again into the Kingdom of Heaven, for Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man comes to the Father but by Him. 590/248 (590-612/270=22 pgs.)

Economics--The Mark of the Beast Cometh:

The co-optation of the people’s of the earth; they must choose Christ or Satan; for there is no other choice unto man for which his earthly life is lived, and his eternal Life is determined. 613/271 (613-616/274=4 pgs.)


Chapter X: Summary and Conclusion:

Let him who has ears, hear; for be not deceived, die once unto Salvation or die twice unto eternal damnation with Satan in Hell; the choice is ours, because we have been given free will to choose, while Christ tarries, for He would that none should perish, but that all may be Saved. 617/275 (617-627/285=10 pgs.)


End. 627/285